Month: August 2018

World-wide impact

Summer is such nice weather, providing us with an opportunity to be outdoors and enjoy God’s wonderful creation for a different perspective. It’s also the time when the schools have a break, many are travelling to see the world or to visit family in their home country. While all this is clearly understandable and to be encouraged, it does mean that attendance on Sundays at our worship services is affected. However, God does not sleep and the church does not take a break either! It’s great to have a home church and a “family away from home”. Whether you are in Bratislava or travelling somewhere in the world, please continue to pray for our church, that God would use us to reach the expat community in our city.

We rejoice in the fact that we are able to witness a baptism this month. It does not happen often enough, but when it does, it’s a great opportunity for us to truly celebrate the Lord’s saving grace. We pray that the Lord will bring salvation to many more as we seek to be witnesses in our families, neighbourhood and at work.

Although the numbers in church on Sundays do not always reflect it, it is good to be reminded that our church has made a major impact in the lives of many people since its inception in the 1990’s. It is no over-statement to say that hundreds of people have either visited or been part of the church here in Bratislava. Each one of these has been impacted by the international make-up of the church, tasting a bit of what heaven will be like with multitudes of different languages, nations, cultures gathering to worship our God and Saviour (Revelation 7:9).


I am praying that all of us are growing in our appreciation of who God is, how deep our salvation goes, how much God loves us and how wide the kingdom of God stretches around the world. May our church continue to focus on God’s grace, God’s Word, true worship and caring hearts to reach out to those who still need to experience salvation offered through Jesus Christ.