Preaching for March

March 3                       Pastor Gerhard

March 10                     Pastor Gerhard – Communion

March 17                     Pastor Gerhard

March 24                     Pastor Gerhard

March 31                     Pastor Gerhard – Potluck

March Dates for the Diary

March 16                     Slovakia Presidential Election

March 30                     Clocks forward 1 hour – summer time!

March 31                     Pot Luck Lunch

Children Ministry: Sundays

The children’s programme takes place during the message.  Our thanks to Zuzana (Zuzka) Magdoskova for her service in this way. If you can offer help, please speak to her.

Women Connect

The women’s group will meet at Sulovska 2 on Saturday 9th March at 10:00am. All ladies, young and old, are welcome to attend!

Bible Study @ Súl’ovská

The Bible study begins at 6.45pm and finishes by 8:00pm. For those coming directly from work, or who would like to take the opportunity of further fellowship, food will be provided from 6:00pm until 6.45pm. We are currently watching a series by Mart de Haan on the Book of Romans. All invited to attend!

Prayer Requests

  • Missionaries supported by our church:
    • Lenka Knoetze (Slobodova) (in South Africa) with Operation Mobilisation.
    • Eva and Martin Horton with Wycliffe Bible Translators. They are based in the UK.
    • Jarka Pankuchova with Child Evangelism Fellowship (Slovakia).
  • Pray for the Plett family at the loss of Lynn.


April 5 – 7         IBC Women’s Conference, Rehe, Germany

April 13 – 18     Spring Harvest, Minehead, England

Apr 29-May 2  IBC Leadership Mtg. Dubai, UAE

July 13 – 19     Euroventure, Switzerland

Oct 21 – 23      IBC Annual Mtg., Naples, Italy

 For more information on any of these events, contact Pete Miller.

 2% Tax Donation

All Slovak tax payers are entitled to designate up to 2% of their tax to charity or a worthy cause.  We suggest the following: KvM (Christians in the City), Child Evangelism Fellowship, TWR, or Rackova Dolina (Baptist Conference Centre in Low Tatras). This is a great opportunity to give to these causes at no cost to yourself. (Fear Not: The charity will not know your salary or any personal details about you). Zuzka Magdoskova is willing to help complete the forms – again you will not have to disclose salary details!