Month: December 2017

Silly Season

The month of December is upon us, indicating both that the end of another year is just around the corner, and that the so-called “Silly Season” has arrived! This is the season when so much is seen and heard about Christmas, Xmas, Santa Clause and all the characters and items associated with this time of the year. Trees, lights, Christmas markets, gifts, stars, parties, and much more…

For us as Christians there is nothing “silly” about this season. In fact, it’s the season when we celebrate the MOST significant event in all of the history of the world. The God of heaven left his heavenly glory to take on our human existence, being born in a humble stable as the first-born baby of a young couple, somewhere in obscurity where most of the world, even the people in his home country, did not even know or recognize this event. This baby would grow up to become the long-awaited Messiah who died in place of sinners like us to set us free, to be forgiven by the grace and mercy of God.

Most people in the world know about the Christmas tradition and holidays. Many (most) of them do not understand the true significance of the Christmas message. It is therefore our duty and privilege to let others know about Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Messiah born to save the world.

One way in which we can do it is by displaying the right focus of Christmas AND by living it out! We should do so by celebrating the Day and Season in humble submission to our Lord Jesus Christ, seeking in all that we do to bring Him glory We can “tone” down on the excesses in money, gifts, food and other celebrations, and show that we CAN enjoy Christmas, but for the right reasons. For us this is the most Significant Season! How will YOU celebrate Christmas this year? What kind of season will it be for you?

Wishing you a Christ-filled December and Christmas time!

Gerhard & Joan