Pastor`s Pen


Do you ever wonder if there is more to life than the life you currently live? Sometimes I do. Maybe you find yourself in an endless cycle of eating, working, and sleeping. If this is you, you may find yourself asking the question, “Why do I live the life I live?” As Christians, we know the answer to this question, but we often forget to remind ourselves that each day has purpose in Christ. 

My family is in the States right now, and during our time here, we have been reminded of our journey that God used to lead us to Slovakia. Before moving overseas, we found ourselves in the endless cycle of eating, working, and sleeping. As we considered the Biblical call to live on mission for God, we wrestled with how God wanted to use our lives. Through this process, God led our family to minister overseas. 

While God may not be leading you to move to another country, God is calling you to find purpose in each moment of your life. For some of you God might be calling you to serve Him in another place, but for most of you, God is calling you to live with purpose and intentionality right here and right now. If you are like me and you sometimes lose sight of your purpose in Christ, I pray that today will be a reminder to your heart that your ordinary and sometimes even boring life has eternal value to God. What do I mean when I say this?

God has placed you in a strategic place for strategic purposes. You may be saying, “But I only plan to be in my current job temporarily.” Even temporary stops have purpose with God. No matter the length of your stay in a place, God has placed you there to represent Him in all that you do. I regularly talk about utilizing your 5 circles of influence. Are you representing Christ in the place you live, in your work, in the places you shop, in how you spend your free time, and with your family? You are in places and around people that I will never interact with. Perhaps God has placed you there to make His name known and His glory shown. 

When you are tempted to question your purpose in the here and now, remind your heart that God can use our ordinary efforts to draw other people to Himself. I pray that we will grow in our ability to find and live in the purpose God has given us today. 

In Christ,
Nick, Amanda, Julia, and Elizabeth Gagnon