Church Leadership

The Church has a congregational church polity (government), meaning that the final vote in all matters is with all the members of the church. Based on our strong belief in the priesthood of all believers, there are no favours and no special privileges for anyone – every Christian is a priest before God under the authority of our only High Priest, Jesus Christ.

The leadership of the church is represented by a Church Council. The Church Council is elected annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and consists of the Pastor (ex offisio), Church Administrator (Secretary), Treasurer and other elected or appointed members (normally representing different ministries of the church). Some people represent different ministries in the church and may not necessarily serve as Council members, but report to the Council and congregation.

The Council meets monthly or as often as needed to discuss matters of importance to the church. Any matter of interest to the congregation are reported to the members.

Nick is married to Amanda and they have one child, Julia. They are from the USA, but spent time ministering in Hong Kong in an international church. 
Email: pastor@bratislavafaithcommunity.org

Nick Gagnon


Pete, a Brit came to Slovakia after marrying his wife Vierka. Together they are been part of Faith Community since the late 1990’s. He is a retired teacher and radio journalist. 

Mobile Phone: +421 902 646 857

Pete Miller

Vierka, from Slovakia, is married to Pete Miller. They have attended Faith Community since the late 1990’s. Vierka works in the Slovak banking industry and is therefore ideally suited to serve as the church’s honorary treasurer.

Email: finance@bratislavafaithcommunity.org

Vierka Millerova

Church Treasurer

Frank and his wife Alenka have been with Faith Community since May 2010. They have two children, Eliana and Darian. Frank is German-American while Alenka is a Slovak from Serbia. They both serve as media missionaries at TWR (Trans World Radio) in Bratislava. Currently Frank heads up the worship music team and represents this field within the Council.

Email: worship@bratislavafaithcommunity.org

Frank Stephenson

Worship Leader

Arturo Marquez

Email: mission@bratislavafaithcommunity.org

I come from South Africa. I have served in churches in volunteer  and staff capacities over the years. I am a trained teacher and am currently working as an English teacher in Bratislava. I am passionate about missions and helping the local church effectively serve their community. 

Email: admin@bratislavafaithcommunity.org

Nikki Seiler

Church administrator and chairman

Zlatko with his family moved from Serbia to Bratislava in 2018. He is serving in technical ministry team through which Gods Word could reach more people

Email: tech@bratislavafaithcommunity.org

Zlatko Šebesta

Technical team