Community with other English-speaking Churches

As part of our commitment to unity between believers, we have contact with the other English speaking churches and communities in the city:

Bratislava International Church (Lutheran):

CityLight Christian Fellowship:

St. Ladislav’s Church:

Baptist Links

International Baptist Convention:

Slovak Baptist Union:

Highlights Magazine:

Baptist Devotionals:

International Baptist Church of Vienna:

Bible Resources

Getting to know the Bible is essential for our spiritual growth. A tool such as provide a verse for the day, Bible searches (topics, passages) and many other study tools to be found at

Daily Devotions:

Say hello to the streaming library of Bible study videos that inspires faith every day of the week:

Spring Harvest Conference 

Spring Harvest aims to create space for all people to encounter God, to be confident in their faith and to see transformation in lives and communities. It’s an event where everyone is valued and cared for, and where the church is supported and resourced. This with the aim that we go ready and able to serve others, at home and around the world, in the name of Jesus.