Month: September 2018

The Church: God’s exciting idea!

Many a young person grow up thinking that going to church is outdated, boring and a down-right useless or unnecessary. They could not be more wrong! Yes, there was a time I also thought that church was not exactly what my peers offered me, that I need to “go out there” and explore or enjoy the world. But, as it turned out, I found the Church of Jesus Christ the most exciting and challenging place to be!

In fact, I have discovered that Church is exciting! There are many reasons why I believe this to be so.

The Church is God’s idea. God always wanted the people that He created to be part of a community. We have heard it said a thousand times that “no man is an island”. We were born into a family, soon join different social groups, belong to different organization, seek to befriend our peers, find a person to marry and start a family – all of which simply serve to prove that we are not made to exist alone.

The Church gives us opportunity to meet some family members from around the world, become friends with them, be enriched by them, and give us opportunity to support those who feel led to go to other parts of the world to share the Gospel. The missionaries who are supported by our church enrich our lives and make our impact go far and wide.

The Church is where people find peace, forgiveness, acceptance and belonging. The local church in particular is an expression of God’s family. I like our church’s motto: Your family away from home. This is what we want to be to every person who belongs to our fellowship.

The Church is a place where we see God at work. Miracles happen, the biggest of which is when people are drawn by God to meet His Son Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. Over the last while we have been privileged to witness several of these miracles right here in our midst! And miracles they are, since it has nothing to do with our ability or our efforts. God, by His amazing grace, prompted people to find Jesus and we are simply the observers who can enjoy seeing God at work.

Next time you kind-of wonder whether to go to church, just think about the amazingly exciting place it is! Thank you for being part of this church.

Joy-filled family

As we approach Autumn (Fall) I am reminded of the creativity and grace of God. How can anyone experience the weather, the colourful changes happening around us, look at the beautiful crafted mountains, stare into the seeming unending universe with all its undiscovered galaxies … and still not believe in God? The intricate nature of how the human body and nature around us work is proof of God’s design – nothing is left to chance and nothing this special could’ve simply developed on its own.

But, as much as I am intrigued by God’s design and almighty power, I am also amazed at his grace in being willing to accept and forgive a sinner like me. Despite my rebellion against a holy God, despite my inability to reach his standard to please Him, God himself came to earth in the Person of Jesus Christ to take my sins on Himself, dying to pay the penalty for the sins of the world, and now offers the gift of forgiveness and eternal life to anyone who accepts Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

And then God accepts us into his family, provides us with a family of believers, so that we are not alone. Not only does God live in us by his Holy Spirit, He also ensures that we have brothers and sisters to love and support us.

And for most of us it is great to know that Bratislava Faith Community is that family for us – our true “family away from home”. In our fellowship we can laugh, sing, pray, worship, love, reach out, support, cry and rejoice over every person God adds to his (and our) family.

Let’s together make this family a wonderful and joyful place to be!