Bratislava Faith Community is autonomous and financially independent. It is supported by the gifts, tithes, offerings and donations of its members and does not receive any financial support from other Christian organizations. As a registered church in Slovakia, the church (along with all churches in the country) receives a small amount from the State as compensation for loss of property and discrimination during the time of Communism.

We encourage our members to give as they are blessed by God in order to support and grow the work of God through our church. The finances are managed by people elected by the congregation. Feedback about income and expenses is given to the church every month, as well as a full financial report on an annual basis.

If you wish to support the church with your tithe or other gifts please contact our Treasurer, Vierka Miller at vierka.millerova(at)

You can also wire directly to our bank account as follows:

Beneficiary: International Baptist Church Bratislava or “Medzinárodný Baptistický zbor Bratislava”

Bank: Sberbank
Slovak bank Code: 3100
Account number: 4040262118
IBAN: SK6531000000004040262118

If you live in the United States, please note that the International Baptist Church Ministries (IBCM) has set up a contribution account for IBCB (Faith Community). Any American may submit donations to IBCM designated for IBC-Bratislava and receive a tax deduction.

Please send to: IBCM, P.O. Box 833276, Richardson, TX 75083-3276