Jan 31, 2021 Pastor's Pen

Dealing with fake news…

News spreads quickly these days. Just think about how quickly we know about the latest event via our phones, and sometimes watching live events on television, literally seeing how events unfold in real time. Every morning I can read the latest COVID statistics for the past 24 hours – it’s as quick as that!

Unfortunately, this is also true for false news, conspiracy theories, “solutions” to hard questions, guesses about why things happen in the world, and how the world will come to an end (end-time theories). These have been around for ages and there is no doubt in my mind that we will see more of it. The internet and cyber communication has made it so easy and quick to spread news … even false news, thoughts, ideas, interpretations, sermons and much more.

One of the big news items currently has to do with theories about where the Corona virus came from, how scientists or wealthy people (or companies) have designed and manipulated it, spread it, and now have the power to make money or rule the world, even suggesting a possible implant of some chip in all of us via the vaccines.

The question for us as Christians is: How do we deal with it?

Without trying to be too simplistic, let me highlight a few truths that will help us respond to all these theories and ideas.

  • Prayerfully and carefully study the Word of God. Get to know more about God and give less attention to theories about the future and interpretations about events in the world.
  • Make sure you believe and trust in God, and in God alone!
  • Stay within the age-old, basic truths that the Church and solid Christian leaders have taught us – the faith we inherited.
  • Seek wise counsel. Discuss any theory and your feelings with a trusted and wise person who can give you Biblical perspective.
  • Test theories, “news” items, and any idea that starts spreading by seeing if there is truth in it. Use fact-check type websites to see where these viral stories came from and if there is any truth in it.
  • Read 1 John 4:1-6 – focus on how to “test every spirit”!

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